You Can Paint Your Laminate Countertops (As a substitute of Replacing Them)


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When budgeting money and time for your kitchen renovation, negate a little bit of each and every apart specifically for your counter tops. Counters are notoriously costly to change—but they stick out fancy a sore thumb if old-long-established and left as-is. In case you fill out-of-vogue, scratched, stained, or dreary counter tops that desire a little freshening up (but you don’t deserve to spring for a beefy replacement), strive painting them.

Tools and offers you’ll need to paint laminate counter tops

For this mission, you’ll need the next items:

  • Sandpaper and a sanding block
  • A paint tray and some liners
  • Painter’s tape
  • Mineral spirits
  • A dinky curler and sleeves 
  • Latex-primarily based primer
  • Paint
  • Clear topcoat
  • A rag

It is probably going you’ll perchance decide to make utilize of a powered palm sander, to boot, but this mission doesn’t require one. Countertop paint kits might perchance be found at many hardware stores, too, and so they are going to encompass the distinguished items to refinish your laminate counters. Lend a hand in thoughts, nonetheless, that many of them are one-step or two-step epoxies and can fill various instructions than the ones below. Apply the instructions that contain your package for finest results.

Prep your countertop ground

To prep the bottom, be distinct the counters are clear and dry, then sand them with 180- to 220-grit sandpaper. Scoring the bottom with the sandpaper will give your stop one thing to follow. Exercise a reasonably grit, fancy 250 or above, to sand out any scratches on the bottom so your countertop coating will crawl on smoothly. At final, utilize your mineral spirits and rag to clear up the mud from sanding, then enable it to dry.

You’ll also deserve to tape off areas you don’t need paint. Appliances, fixtures, sinks, and cupboards might perchance perchance collected all score lined to forestall them from being accidentally painted. It’s also a correct belief to position a topple cloth down on the bottom. A share of cardboard or a garbage score will work in a pinch, too. Produce distinct that to position your tape smoothly and firmly press the perimeters down in issue that paint can’t seep under.

Prime, paint, and seal your counter tops

Subsequent, you’re going to educate two layers of primer. To retain away from streaks and areas that are thicker than others, overlap your strokes with the curler so that you just’re continuously painting on a wet edge. Enable your primer to dry between coats—you might perchance well even utilize a fan to run it up. After the 2nd coat, enable your primer to dry for no decrease than an hour sooner than difficult on to your paint.

The utilize of a brand unusual curler sleeve, educate your paint over high of the primer coats, making distinct to overlap your wet edge. Exercise a paint brush to reduce in spherical corners and on slim surfaces. To retain away from drips, utilize a curler that is wet, but no longer dripping paint when it comes out of your paint tray. Whenever you’ve got one coat down and it’s dry to the touch, you might perchance well even add a 2nd coat to even out the color.

The final step is to educate your decided coat and seal for your color. The utilize of a peculiar curler sleeve, educate the decided coat as evenly as likely. Since decided coat is also exhausting to take a look at, the utilize of a delicate provide positioned at an attitude is also priceless to be distinct you don’t pass over any spots or drips. As soon as your decided coat dries, you’re all done.

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