This Two-Ingredient Horseradish Sauce Is Very finest for Steak Frites


Photo: Brent Hofacker (Shutterstock)

I do know I esteem my boyfriend because I effect apart up with food-linked behaviors that I would preserve stop prove of unacceptable coming from any diversified man. (I give a boost to ladies folk no topic what they exhaust.) He’s, sadly, a Ketchup Man. Places it on the total lot. Places it on steak. Places it on finest steak that I put together dinner completely.

Loving a Ketchup Man methodology letting slither of ego, encourage watch over, and a diminutive bit bit of self-appreciate. I esteem ketchup—I maintain Heinz Ketchup is a flawless ending sauce—nonetheless it does tend to mask extra delicate and exquisite flavors. Staring at any individual pour it on a beautifully cooked steak is painful, though within the break it is none my enterprise what any individual does with the food I tag after I abet it to them. (We include now, nonetheless, landed on a “strive it with out ketchup first” compromise, and he has deemed many dishes to be so correct “they don’t even need ketchup.”)

Steak frites, nonetheless, calls for a sauce, notably the “frites” piece of the dish. If, esteem me, you simply can now no longer bring yourself to position ketchup on a plate that moreover incorporates steak, preserve stop prove of this two-ingredient horseradish cream, which is nothing larger than ready horseradish and mayo blended together.

I realize this might well presumably presumably maybe simply now no longer seem that powerful extra elevated than ketchup, nonetheless even as you’ve ever been served “horseradish aioli” at a steakhouse, you had been most seemingly drinking some model of this mixture. (Although aioli is now no longer “adore mayonnaise.”) Using mayo as a dipping sauce is moreover very European, and the kind of horseradish flashes and fades, unlike ketchup, which coats your tastebuds and lingers on the palate. Past steak, horseradish mayo is equally at home on a plate of small frites, which can presumably presumably presumably be marred by ketchup.

Making this sauce is easy. I never measure, nonetheless I in total stop up with a ratio of 1 part ready horseradish and 2 parts mayo, though that is kind of potent. Delivery by adding teaspoons at a time, tasting with a frite as you slither, till you attain that finest, sinus-clearing space. Accumulate pleasure from with steak frites, small frites, or exquisite straightforward frites.

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