The Supreme Shortcuts for The use of GIFs and Emojis on Your Computer


Screenshot: Khamosh Pathak

iPhone and Android smartphones have made it easy to chat in emojis and GIFs. They attain constructed-in to the keyboard with a devoted button—Android even has GIF search constructed straight into Gboard. Nevertheless when you shift to working for your Mac or Windows PC, you might presumably presumably mediate you lose out on that ease. Nevertheless in fact, each and each Mac and Windows attain with a constructed-in emoji picker, and Windows 11, adore Android, has its have constructed-in GIF map. It’s all there—you intellectual favor to dangle the attach to peer.

Learn how to add Emojis or GIFs in Windows

Windows 10 and Windows 11 attain with their have emoji-picker. Windows 11 will get an updated map with further, and better-having a peer emojis, plus GIF support by utilizing Tenor. Exercise the keyboard shortcut Windows + ; (semicolon) and a floating window pops up above your cursor. That probabilities are you’ll browse emojis and GIFs and when you score something you adore, click on on it to insert it into your text box.

It’s the an identical with GIFs: Click the “GIF” button to swap to the GIFs portion, then click on the one you adore to add it to your doc.

Learn how to add emojis or GIFs on Mac

On the Mac, it’s a pretty hundreds of memoir. Mac has an spectacular emoji map constructed-in, but no support for GIFs. Whenever you’re utilizing a Mac that became as soon as launched after 2020, you’ll score an Emoji key in the keyboard itself (doubling because the Characteristic (Fn) key). Comely press the principle and the emoji-picker will checklist up; the keyboard shortcut Expose + Help an eye on + House can even attain the an identical insist.

While there’s no legit GIF support on the Mac, that’s nothing a free utility can’t repair—the GIF Keyboard by Tenor has a large menu bar utility app, so that it is doubtless you’ll search, waddle, and drop GIFs favorable from the menu bar.

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